Today, many companies prefer to become lir (LIR). RIPE gives out the last/8 for Lirov, but no more than/22 for each LIR. At the moment reissued payment in RIPE is 2000 euro, plus 1600 euros annually. The last payment of RIPE is divided into quarterly payments of 400 euros.

Read about pricing for the status of LIR here http://www.ripe.net/ripe/docs/ripe-591
By paying for the service you get/22 (1024 addresses) of the IPV4 RA network, a large block of IPV6 addresses (from/32 to/29) and an autonomous system (if necessary).

If you already have address blocks, the status of LIR will allow you to reduce the cost of support for these objects. Also the status of Lear gives an opportunity to buy officially RA blocks of other Lir’ov through RAJP (RIPE). In the LIR portal you will have the opportunity to view the availability of free blocks of RA for sale.

Also, the acquisition of the status of Lear (LIR) will give an opportunity to participate in the events held by RIPE. All materials on meetings, discussions you will receive on your mail.

We can get you the status of Lear (LIR) and guarantee the receipt/22 (1024 addresses) of RA network, block IPV6 addresses (from/32 to/29) and as (if necessary).

The cost of our services is 1000 euros in one payment. We will also give Knsultaciju and help to create a legal entity.

Description of the procedure.

Steps to become Lear:

  1. We submit on your behalf the application for the status of Lir (LIR) on the site RIPE.
  2. You will receive a reply to your e-mail address that they have sent a letter to DHL.
  3. We can ask them for the number of this letter to keep track of it. Usually delivery takes no more than 2 days.
  4. In the received letter will be paid back envelope and contract with company RAJP (RIPE). You will need to sign it and send it back.
  5. In parallel, you pay an invoice to obtain the status of Lir (LIR). (If you have difficulties with paying bills abroad, we can help to resolve this issue with a small kommisiej).
  6. Once the RIPE receives the payment and the contract, they send an email that you have received the status of LIR.
  7. Then we send an application for the issue/22 (and as, IPv6).

List of documents

You need to prepare a list of documents and the following data:

  1. Electronic copy of the Certificate of State registration (or statements for Ukraine);
  2. Full telephone and fax number with country and city codes;
  3. Name of the person (as well as his/her e-mail address and telephone), which will accept the original documents from RIPE;
  4. Full mailing address where the original documents are sent to treasure;
  5. The name of the administrator, on behalf of whom we will send the application, his phone and email with access (IP server, login and password) for us in your domain (can be on a free type gmail.com), so that we can correspond on your behalf.
  6. Site of the enterprise;
  7. Full name of the director;
  8. The full name of the organization in English;
  9. Desired short ID by type RU. FIRMA;
  10. List of your PI address blocks (if not, one address from the upstream provider);
  11. The list of the equipment which is used in your network: routers, switches, servers.

We work on prepayment according to the clauses of the contract. We also assist in osushhestlenii registration fees towards RIPE NCC. In the infects of obtaining the status of LIR you become a full member of the community of address space owners and a member of the Internet.

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