What is a standalone system (AS)?

Autonomous system (with Eng. As, autonomous system) is a unit on the Internet that represents a part of the IP addressing system for determining network routing. As has an ASN number, it is required to Exchange route information with other AC and is carried out via the BGP cross-domain routing protocol.

Why do I need a standalone system?

The standalone system is designed for multiple connections to different operators at the same time. The AU participates in points of exchange of traffic, carries out an uninterrupted transition from one DC to another. Owning your own standalone system, you can change the communication channels without resetting and be independent from the IP-addresses of the provider, as well as you are able to determine the priorities of the channels.

What are the types of standalone systems?

The autonomous system is divided into 16-bit and 32-bit. This division was introduced in 2007. Due to the restriction of rooms. Visually it is displayed as “as12345” for 16-bit and “as123456”-32-X-bit.

Next steps after registering AS?

In order for the new offline system to know the world, you need to configure the router, as it provides information about the AC through the BGP Protocol (Border Gateway protocol). This protocol is a router that enables BGP to communicate to other Internet hosts through which routes it is possible to reach the blocks of IP addresses that it manages.

How do I get a standalone system?

The as number is only issued to multi-home networks that have more than two Internet connections and a unique routing policy. The standalone system number can be obtained from two upstream providers to which your as will be connected in the future.

The price of registering a standalone system?

The cost of registration of the autonomous system is 100 euro at the rate of NBU.
Annual support of the registered object will cost 100 euro. The price includes providing the client with accounting documents and non-cash method of payment. In total, costs in the first year will be 200 euro, and in the future-100 euro.

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