How much does it cost to register an IPV6 block?

The cost of registering IPV6/48 and providing support in the first year is-100 euros

The annual cost of supporting the registered facility is-150 euros.

Should IPv6 be registered?

The limited space of the IPV4 protocol (total 32-bit) represents the difficulty in obtaining it. IPv6, as a new version of the old Protocol, is designed to solve the problems of using it on the Internet. IPV6 uses 128-bit addressing, giving us 3 * 1038 unique addresses. IPv6 is capable of supporting packages of extra sizes (jumbograms) that make up about four GB. This is very convenient for heavy duty computers that handle large amounts of data.

The IPv6 protocol is beginning to gain popularity in the world, forming peculiar “islets” connected by tunnel protocols of type IPv6-over-IPv4. For backward compatibility, most IPV6-enabled nodes also support IPV4.


RIPE NCC issues Lira block/32, and end user block/48 – that is 280 = about 2 million addresses. Owning such number of addresses, you can give out IP to any equipment of your network. More details on the site RIPE.

How to get block/48 IPv6?

You must specify the stand-alone system of the two upstream providers, and enumerate the hardware that supports the use of the V6 protocol.

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