The IPV4 address lease service is provided according to the RIPE policy. The company Eurolir allocates IP-addresses to the company or the person, accordingly all data of the client will be specified in WHOIS. There are various differences between the lease of IP addresses and the lease of IP address blocks. It is worth mentioning that the lease includes also provider-independent blocks of IP addresses. The blocks are divided into two types: PI and PA.

The rental price includes support and maintenance of objects in the DB RAJP, as well as assistance and advice on the use of the database. The agreement establishes the objects and time of their use, also the guarantees of service provision are specified. If necessary, we are ready to provide an autonomous system (as), which is included in the rental price. To form a commercial offer to your company, please contact us.

In order to register your own AU in RAJP, you will need to sign a support contract and you also need one or more upstream telecom operators to be able to connect through BGP.

Why do providers need to rent IPV4 address (s)?

• The ability to issue a real IP address to the end user to access the Internet.
• Organization of communication with the Internet through BGP and connection of its clients.
• Renting IP will allow you to connect your own equipment directly to the Internet and use its infrastructure from anywhere in the world.
• For hosting providers and centers, renting Ip addresses is a great opportunity to host web-sites of clients and to provide VPS virtual servers.

IP Address Block Prices

The cost of IP-address on the market is not clear. It all depends on how the seller will agree with the buyer. Also the price of the IP-address directly depends on the method of payment (Bank commission, tax, etc.) and the amount of work.
The cost of renting a block of IP addresses depends on the purposes for which it is intended and payment methods. Typically, this range does not exceed 1 dollar per address.
The cost of registering an autonomous system (as) on average is 100 euros.
The cost of registering an IPV6 address block is 300 euros.
The annual price for the support of one object is 150 euros. Note that the price of the standalone system is considered separate and the support is not related to the size of the network.

Service NamePrice in €
Autonomous System (AS)€100
Registration LIR. Block/22 IPv4 + IPV6/48 and Standalone system (AS)€200 *
Block IPV6/48 (280 addresses)€100
Setting up BGP interaction€50
Annual payment for the support of the PI block or AS€100
Annual Payment for LIR support€100
Rent PA/24 IPv4 (single/annual)€2500/€100
Allocation (lease) of the PA/32 IPV6 unit€200/mo

Attention! The first year of Service (support) PI, as is free.
* — The cost of the service does not include the cost of membership in RIPE NCC (LIR-contract).

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