Today, many companies prefer to become lira (LIR). RIPE gives out the last/8 for Lirov, but no more than/22 for each LIR. At the moment reissued payment in RIPE is…

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The cost of IP-address on the market is not clear. It all depends on how the seller will agree with the buyer. Also the price of the IP-address directly depends on the method of payment (Bank commission, tax, etc.) and on the volume…

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Autonomous system (with Eng. As, autonomous system) is a unit on the Internet that represents a part of the IP addressing system for determining network routing. As has its own number-ASN, it is implemented by protocol…

Autonomous System (AS)

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Since September 2012, RIPE does not provide IPV4 addresses to end users. To purchase a block of IP addresses you need to open LIR, or buy a block of iPv4 addresses from us.

Official broker RIPE

We have the official status of broker in RIPE NCC, which is confirmed by the contract.


Years of experience

We have many years of experience working with RIPE NCC in preparing and compiling the necessary documents.

Know Your Business

Complete anonymity

Your anonymity is guaranteed until you receive the funds from the buyer.


We work for you

Feel all the advantages of cooperation with the professionals of the company Evrolir.

Selling your IP and brokerage services

If you want to sell your network of IP addresses at a good price and safely make a deal, then we are ready to help you. We will quickly find the buyer for your resource, make all the checks, prepare the documents and the guarantor in the transaction.

We sell IP around the world

Speaking briefly about us, we are a team of specialists in the field of IT, network communication and telecommunication equipment, which successfully sells and sells IP-addresses. We have a status of LIR and we will help you to sell or buy an IP-address. Each sales transaction has a legal basis. We care about that.

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